Indulge your pasta cravings with delicious hot Spaghetti or Fettuccine with your choice of our authentic Italian sauces –

Our home made Bolognaise sauce lovingly cooked with fresh mince, garlic, onions and our own combination of herbs and spices to give you the tastiest bolognaise sauce – just like Mama used to make!

Straight from Mama’s kitchen in Naples our Napolitana sauce blends our own crushed tomato sauce recipe with selected herbs for a fresh light flavour that complements any pasta dish you fancy.

Combining the freshest mushrooms, juicy bacon and fresh thick cream, our Boscaiola sauce adds that creamy smooth flavour to your pasta that will just slide down to your tummy and make you go “Ahhhh”…

Or if you fancy something a little different you can choose one of our filled pasta meals:

Our delicious lasagne is made with the freshest mince, to a recipe proven over many years to appeal to our customers.  Combined with pasta sheets and mozzarella cheese and our own combination of ingredients, our lasagne is a tried and true favourite for a delicious dinner for 1, 2 or the whole family.  Topped with our delicious Bolognaise sauce you’ll want more…

Per serve: